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Harmonizing regional SQMT activities and building a client oriented infrastructure complying with international standards in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda
We continually strive to improve and update the database content in order to serve you better.

Inspection & Licensing

Training in standards related areas

In its effort to promote the quality and safety of [more...]

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You'll be surprised to find out how much of our life depends on quality standards and norms. Standards and Quality Assurance are in fact paramount for our economic development. Take a look at the issues of security and health protection, for example. Come in and see for yourself!
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Do you understand why some entrepreneurs still believe they could live without ...? Let me show you how to improve your business by applying standards, testing and certification. Find out how to improve your competitiveness in a global market. Check out the resources waiting for you.

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There is an urgent need for better regional coordination at all levels: legal framework, human resource capacity, infrastructure and logistical support, public awareness, networking and communication. Come and join us in this task. Together we make it.